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Selecting Colors

If you are trying to locate the correct carpet floor mats for your vehicle please don't rely on just our photos to make a selection. The pictures on this web site may not represent the actual color of the floor mats due to the lighting variations when the photos were taken and your computer display settings. Please use your vehicle's color code to obtain the best possible match.

(Most Honda vehicles)
Open up your driver's door and take a look on the inner door jam. You should find a sticker that looks like one of the examples below. Regardless of the interior Color that may be printed "Taupe", "Beige", etc. the important item is the "Type" letter.

Example #1 - The interior color code is "A".
Example #2 - The interior color code is "U".

Once you have your interior color code your shopping will be that much easier. Find your model on our site and match up your color code. In our listings you will find an interior color code with each carpet floor mat if it is applicable. All season mats, cargo trays, cargo mats and select carpet mats are not color code specific.

Example #1

Example #2