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1996-2000 Civic 4dr Taupe Floor Mats (Type P)
    Close 1996-2000 Civic 4dr Taupe Floor Mats (Type P)

    Product Descriptions

    Honda Retail Price: $89.44
    Color: Taupe
    Layout: 2 Front/2 Rear
    Application: 1996-2000 Civic 4dr
    Manufacturer: Honda Motor Company (OEM)

    Honda Accessory floor mats are made of a heavy duty cutpile nylon for a plush look and feel. The mats are faderesistant and have a cable bound edge. To keep the mats in place, all have rubber backings and the driver's mat featuresa retention grommet(s). The vehicle logo provides a customized look. Mats can be cleaned using mild soap and water.